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Like humans, Humpback Whales are drawn to the Gold Coast every year as a winter playground. The large shallow bay provides an ideal location for the whales to rest and mingle during their annual 10,000 kilometre migration journey.

Over fifteen thousand whales pass close to shore near the Gold Coast as they round the easternmost corner of Australia on their way to and from the feeding grounds of Antarctica and the breeding grounds of Tropical Queensland.

Humpbacks are the most inquisitive and playful of the great whales and therefore a favourite with whale watchers. They are also famous show-offs and acrobats – often leaping clear of the ocean or slapping the surface with giant fins and tail flukes in awesome displays of grace and power.

Male humpbacks are famed for their complex and ever-changing songs, believed to play a role in attracting mates. If conditions are suitable, our underwater microphone will allow you to listen in on this incredible mating ritual.

Southern Humpback Whale Facts

Population: Unknown